2015 EXO ‘EXODUS’ Comeback Teasers

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Teaser Video Pathcode #KAI
Kai is seen wandering the streets of London at 15:00, as the camera stalks him everywhere he goes. After receiving a mobile notification “Follow @PathcodeEXO”, Kai teleports away. The screen then features a crow flying away with the caption E X O D U S*. EXO’s new comeback logo* is also revealed.

150319 Pathcode #KAI.mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.19_12.28.34]

• New comeback album title
• It means “going out” in Greek
• It might be referenced from the Book of Exodus, where Israelites leave slavery in Egypt,
which corresponds to EXO leaving the maze they were trapped in

*New EXO comeback logo


Viewed in 3D, their new logo is a cube missing 2 sides.
Hence, it has 4 sides but still has 6 sides when viewed in motion as a cube.
Also, the 2D logo has 10 vertices.



SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO

Twitter Weibo
3 w

First clue:



This brings us back to the last scene in the EXO 2015 COMING SOON teaser video where 10 beads managed to escape the maze.

141203 EXO 2015 COMING SOON.mp4_snapshot_00.41_[2015.03.19_12.48.40]


Official Homepage Renewal

Screenshot (8)

Key in the answer ‘10‘ derived from the clue & KAI’s teaser pictures will be revealed.

B2C26BD10D6F43118A158D4487F34DB3 0F444B8FE00C4B91BDC2EE649627AA37 5DD8702794494AFE88408A821E067FCB 9AF94EE369784AE0BA995925D5897C80



Teaser Video Pathcode #TAO
Tao is seen leisurely enjoying drinks in Barcelona at 10:10. As he was reading the newspaper, he comes across an article about “10 unknown objects spotted in Asia”. Beside the blurry image of ten shiny objects in the dark sky, we also see a clue *<338O:?>. A light bulb suddenly breaks, and Tao stops time to get out of Cafe Kafka.

150319 Pathcode #TAO.mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.19_19.38.12]

*338O is Tao’s code.
Click into the pictures below for derivation of each EXO member’s code or go to this tumblr link.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Official Homepage

5EA84F9A18B9427DA9FDA7B982C4CA2C 8E4DDEC839484516988B1D4FCDC5A0D0 17B3AC2A20A94709909FBE52F9FB647D EF99C883697E42E8BEC91437654B1837

Key in the answer ‘35AN‘ by trial and error from EXO members’ code & Tao’s teaser pictures will be revealed.


SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO

22 33.


Teaser Video Pathcode #CHANYEOL
Chanyeol wakes up in a dry grassy plain in Arizona at 17:12 alone. He retrieves his pocket watch to check the time but find it stopped at 5:07. He then starts to explore the area and wanders into a forest. The wind starts to blow and he looks around panicked. Raising a hand, he awakens his power of ‘Fire’ and causes a forest fire.

150320 Pathcode #CHANYEOL.mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.20_08.48.36]

SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO



*Translation of the hint from Oxford Dictionaries


Official Homepage

8BC5B5944DE942D38FDF63B6C72EA9FD 45092ABC7BFD49AF9B6423642F4E9E1F B7E46155157540D1A0DD097E7F53FE8D D1048778B0DB45C2B282AD60CD869DB2

Key in the answer ‘Vereisung‘ given in the hint & Chanyeol’s teaser pictures will be revealed.



Teaser Video Pathcode #XIUMIN
Xiumin is seen walking along an alley at night in Berlin at 05:07 holding a skateboard and wearing headphones. He enters a building through the garage door, and walks down a fleet of stairs. A black man walking in the opposite direction nudges him by the shoulders on the stairs, but he safely reaches his apartment. He sits on his sofa holding a glass cup, and watches his TV which is already switched on. A top spins in the foreground. He then dozes off, but a strange sound on his television wakes him and he sees the TV screen flickering with an image of a *wolf and the caption ‘Edinburgh 15:25’. He puts down his cup and runs out the door, while we see in retrospect that the cup starts to freeze.

150321 Pathcode #XIUMIN.mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.21_12.11.44]

*Wolf image + Caption on the TV

 150321 Pathcode #XIUMIN.mp4_snapshot_00.53_[2015.03.21_12.36.29] 150321 Pathcode #XIUMIN.mp4_snapshot_00.53_[2015.03.21_12.36.20] 150321 Pathcode #XIUMIN.mp4_snapshot_01.00_[2015.03.21_12.37.10]150321 Pathcode #XIUMIN.mp4_snapshot_01.01_[2015.03.21_12.41.10]

SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO

 wwtwOfficial Homepage

1E7B2DC23B504549964C9DB2434302B1 65F61C48BB7E4EB3998DC61BE4CFB4B5 D508F84D4FAC48F6B2C4452C438277BD F0218F8E907347969C082977D3B884F1

Key in the answer ‘Wolf‘ as hinted in the teaser video & Xiumin’s teaser pictures will be revealed.



Teaser Video Pathcode #SEHUN
Sehun is seen walking in a neighbourhood during the day in Edinburgh at 15:25, he then pulls out his phone and ticks at the intersection between Green St. and Annandale St. on Google Maps. The screen then pans to a landscape view where we see a clock tower showing the time 4:45. Sehun enters a house where he flicks a model airplane suspended in mid-air on his way in. Continuing inwards, he enters a room with two boys seated on the floor and six more items suspended in mid-air. The boys suddenly shift their gaze at him, the earth shakes and out the window, an eclipse is happening. Darkness falls instantly. Sehun turns and runs out the door, shutting it with his power of ‘Wind’.

150322 Pathcode #SEHUN.mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.21_23.31.00]

SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO

ww tw

The clue refers to the items suspended in mid-air as seen in the teaser video.

Official Homepage

047875EA2FBE4498A01218164E47D3A9 AE4B10F0DE16468A9BA4ED4B46347D42 D95D038963144218A45028593A3503AE E007BEF05ED54AE187BA5410E8C17C55

Key in the answer ‘7‘ derived from the clue & Sehun’s teaser pictures will be revealed.



Teaser Video Pathcode #SUHO
In Marseille at 10:22, Suho is seen sleeping on a sofa when a phone alarm wakes him up. He goes to the toilet, and turns the knob of the tap but no water flows out. He is then seen wandering around. In a building, as well as out in a dry grassy field, where he holds out his palm and gazes at the sky. He then enters the forest, and walks into an empty swimming pool when a gush of wind blows past. He sits down in the pool, when the camera shows water dripping into his toilet sink and then a wave of water emerging and rushing into the pool.

150323 Pathcode #SUHO.mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.23_17.30.33]

SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO


*The word that corresponds to the ____ is Leader.

Official Homepage

19BBCB1525414D1BA2D211C302491FBE 21FF44085505481190F23B7950E827AF 26A455E921814A5D80A5BDAB9BEF0F19 F7C4832DF09F42DDAE0CA1722401B58C

Key in the answer ‘Leader‘ derived from the clue & Suho’s teaser pictures will be revealed.



Teaser Video Pathcode #CHEN
In Almaty at 20:01, Chen is seen walking up a flight of stairs, walking into an empty floor, walking across an empty corridor while holding a book. He then reaches the rooftop where bells are ringing in the background and white sheets are dry-hanging on laundry strings. Walking further, he comes to a balcony area where there are multiple books lying around. Chen sits on the chair and begins reading his ‘Overdose’ book. All of a sudden, a dark shadow creeps over Chen’s face. He gazes up into the sky, and in shock, drops his book as he witnesses an eclipse happening. In that split second moment, as Chen watches the eclipse, we hear a heartbeat thumping as well as the beeping sound of a heart rate monitor.

150324 Pathcode #CHEN.mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.24_22.04.28]

SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO


As seen in the teaser, the title of the book Chen was holding is ‘Overdose’.
Thus, the 2nd track in EXO’s Overdose album = Moonlight.

Official Homepage

9F71190A15F645AEB3FBA4419C069652 45B6BCC98FBE40F39BAC7B5DCDE34D44 A210FF67E0884B27AFC3A524E3655147 AB8701AB0E554D608C6F18A2266DB7F2

Key in the answer ‘Moonlight‘ derived from the clue & Chen’s teaser pictures will be revealed.



Teaser Video Pathcode #BAEKHYUN
The teaser starts with a peaceful scenery of the evening sky, and then changes to an ominous scene where birds are flying overhead in the darkening sky. In Lyon at 06:26, Baekhyun is seen walking up the steps of a chapel at night while listening to ‘El Dorado’ through his earphones. He continues walking up and down various fleet of stairs through dark alleys lit by street lights. Along one stretch of path, the street lights begin to flicker and Baekhyun looks behind, cautious of someone following behind him. Walking forward, his earphones suddenly malfunctioning and he receives a voice message. The street lights suddenly goes off one by one by one behind him as Baekhyun sprints ahead to escape. The blackout occurring city-wide reaches Baekhyun when he is trapped behind a gate with no escape. In despair, he leans against the gate, closes his eyes and focuses on his breathing. His power of light then awakens and we see balls of glowing light floating upwards around Baekhyun.

150325 Pathcode #BAEKHYUN.mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.25_13.47.34]

SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO


EXO’s slogan: We are ONE!

Official Homepage

0CC248DB35614E4791FFA6CAF8539E44 79EEC748E6314B0CAA7F3DC6B2E037F7 458C7A7A98A449C589CA625FC5DE557F 4205D8D8848D4FB0A4702973EB05FE7C

Key in the answer ‘One‘ derived from the clue & Baekhyun’s teaser pictures will be revealed.



Teaser Video Pathcode #LAY
In Yunnan at 22:12, Lay rides a bicycle past shops. He enters a restaurant, and gently wakes up the shop owner to place an order. He takes a seat, increases the volume of the instrumental music of My Answer in his earphones. His tea arrives but he continues doodling on his phone “You are my sunshine. I need you. You are the one”. The light above him begins to flicker and suddenly his phone screen becomes a blurry grainy image. Lay runs out of the shop in shock, and rides his bicycle off while constantly ringing his bell. On the street, a wilted flower comes back to life as Lay rides past.

150326 Pathcode #LAY.mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.26_22.14.54]

SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO


Official Homepage

8FF8C0B5F50247959D36C3FCECC418D6 41C97E765C114FB49C269FDB03AE2B71 C4172B56AEA543B6A5A55FD38F44688E E2A1518B0D5A4A15891822187684140F

Key in the answer ‘EXO-L‘ derived from the clue & Lay’s teaser pictures will be revealed.



Teaser Video Pathcode #D.O.
In Colorado at 09:01, we first see D.O. getting into a car and driving off. The next scene shows him in a red sweater, walking down the stairs. In another scene, he is seen in a blue sweater wearing headphones, opening the door and stepping out on his balcony. Next, we see red sweater D.O. looking through the peephole into an apartment from the corridor, and he see flashes of the other members’ teasers. Blue sweater D.O. is then seen relaxing on a window ledge as well as black shirt D.O. getting out and leaning on his car. Lastly, the video pans to red sweater D.O. sitting on the floor playing with ten metal beads while he sees flashes of the other member’s powers/ elements and thus drops the three beads he was juggling.

150327 Pathcode #D.O..mp4_thumbs_[2015.03.27_23.04.01]

SNS Platforms @PathcodeEXO


Official Homepage

89F4CFCB5BD042F89175C401643BBADF 6646FE85AACF4B109300FE6839A0B0FD E4D638259D074807919969D257B4C656 FF30663B05F44BB8A55EE8063E6C7FC1

Key in the answer ‘EXODUS‘ derived from the clue & D.O.’s teaser pictures will be revealed.


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