150326 EXODUS Album Songs News Article

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Song List:
1 콜 미 베이비 CALL ME BABY
3 시선 둘, 시선 하나 What If..
4 마이 앤서 MY ANSWER
5 엑소더스 EXODUS
6 엘도라도 EL DORADO
플레이 보이 PLAYBOY
8 허트 HURT
9유성우 流星雨* LADY LUCK
(*literally means Meteor Shower)


Group EXO is expected to create a rave in the music industry once again with their 2nd Regular Album ‘EXODUS’.

On 30th March, EXO will reveal their all song tracks of their 2nd Regular Album ‘EXODUS’ at noon on various music sites ie. MelOn, Genie, Naver Music. At the same time, their albums will be up for sale, as such the upcoming 30th March is expected to become the so-called ‘EXO Day’.

For this new album, not only are there songs written especially for EXO by participants The Underdogs, Teddy Riley, Stereotypes, Kenzie etc of the SM Songwriting Camp, where a world-class producing team as well as international top-class composers collaborate on producing songs for SM artistes, which would further increase the completion standard of the album; SHINee Jonghyun also participated in composing, and we would be able to meet EXO’s diverse music colour in the total 10 songs which have various genre.

Title song <CALL ME BABY> is a song with an outstanding combination of addictive, strong hook and melody and witty lyrics. It is powerfully completed with strong drumbeats, brass and string. Stereotypes and Kenzie’s first collaboration product, the R&B track <TRANSFORMER> as well as The Underdogs’ R&B Ballad song <시선 둘, 시선 하나 What If..>  would increase the interest of listening by multiple folds.

Also, <PLAYBOY> composed by SHINee member Jonghyun, which includes a story about a cold and chic playboy; charming ballad song <MY ANSWER> which is a sincere innocent confession from a man who only looks at one woman; dance song <EXODUS> which includes a story about a man wanting to escape from a deadly charming woman. These songs are sufficient to make us feel EXO’s sentiments that have further matured.

Besides those, in the member’s teaser videos released before EXO’s 2012 debut that have created an issue, <EL DORADO> and <BEAUTIFUL>’s full track being included in the album have garnered much attention. Despite being dark and fantasy-like, <HURT> leaves a strong impression with its strong beats and reverse atmosphere. Including slow tempo Urban R&B song <유성우 流星雨 LADY LUCK>, their new album that is structured with a total of 10 tracks should be able to receive a heated reaction from their music fans.

EXO is expected to perform their new song stages on M!Countdown 2/4, Music Bank 3/4, Music Core 4/4, Inkigayo 5/4 as well as various music programs, and continue on with an active promotion.


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