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Group EXO revealed their thoughts on promoting with Call me baby.

Before their comeback stage on the 3rd, EXO met with tvdaily and said, “We feel very happy, despite returning with this comeback after about a year, because of our many fans that waited for us and gave us lov, we have the thought that we need to show a better image in the future.”

Baekhyun showed his strong determination as he said, “During our ‘Call me baby’ promotions, first and foremost, it would be good if we managed to arrange a time where we can become one level closer to our fans”.

Also, after he chose “different” as the term he would be most happy to hear when describing their comeback promotions, he drew attention with his words of “As EXO is a group that always tries to show a new image, the term ‘different’ is really the best praise for us”.

Regarding the styling of ‘Call me baby’, Suho added, “Even though there isn’t one specific style, we wore our Music Video outfits to give the feel of American 90s funky style. Even though our song is not of that style, i think that we interpreted the concept in our own unique style”.

EXO’s ‘Call me baby’ Music Video was produced such that the scene looks continuous without any break, in the method of a one-take filming where the camera follows their actions. Their M!Countdown comeback stage that was broadcasted on the 2nd, as expected, created a buzz with their exactly replicated high-standard quality stage.

Suho explained, “There are various versions of our ‘Call me baby’ stage. As the camera angles of each broadcast station is different, we prepared each one differently with the different traits in mind. We prepared them specially for our first comeback week, then from next week onwards, we are planning to show the stage version performance.

Also, Baekhyun, who captured everyone’s vision with his charming gestures at the start of the Music Video, when asked whether his dances were ad-libs or not, revealed that “originally, we didn’t have that dance. Even though we did it with dancers, for gestures, it was mostly prepared personally by us”. For ‘Call me baby’ dance this time, instead of synchronised dance, the dance style emphasises on a free feeling, hence other than the basic dance, there were more discretion given to members regarding their individual parts.

Especially for this EXO performance, it is said to have the most effort invested and the most difficult out of all their dances, to the extent of them being able to take pride in it.

Suho explained, “Even though it was like previously too, this time there are especially more parts that we focus more on the feel while having a basic outline. Not with the method of matching even the degrees of our left or right hand positions, we instead went forward with one similar feeling portrayed in each of our different styles, there is such a part once after the 2nd verse and once at the end of our 3rd verse. As we dance based on our feels, it might look not as neat as our synchronised dance but we have practised a lot individually with our own feel”.

Also Baekhyun added, “Different from ‘Wolf’ ‘Growl’ ‘Overdose’, we have choreographed short dance actions to match the quick beats, thus in my opinion, the difficulty level was the highest (among all of our dances). Even though we dance based on feel, there are a lot of short dance actions included. Overall, that’s why it was difficult in mastering it “.

As the period of preparing for their concert and comeback overlapped, if you count the preparation period by days, they only prepared for 2 weeks. On top of that, as they had to prepare for various versions with different camera angles, it was all the more difficult.

As this EXO comeback was after a long wait, they are planning to have promotions for ‘Call me baby’ as long as possible. Regarding their promise after getting No.1, which we are currently very certain they will achieve, Baekhyun showed his warm love towards fans by saying, “Because we think our fans who wait for us, and love us whenever we return are the most important, even for these promises, we hope to come up with something that we can do together with our fans”.


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