150423 Lee Guk-ju’s Youngstreet – Noisiest Member Baekhyun

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[from 44:24]
DJ: On the contrary, i’m curious which member speaks the most!
Kai: Uh, Chanyeol hyung and Baekhyun hyung!
Chen: Oh that’s right x2
DJ: Do you agree, Chen?
Chen: Yes that’s right, i acknowledge that too!
DJ: Chanyeol is very bright so he looks like he would keep on talking, but Baekhyun is like that too?
Kai: For Baekhyun hyung, he is more..
Chen: He is the most (noisy)!
Kai: He is the most (noisy)!
DJ: ke ke You wanted to say he was more noisy but now you don’t think that is so xD
Kai: Chanyeol hyung is just very talkative, so he will keep trying to make a conversation.
He is of this style, but Baekhyun hyung xD He will even speak on his own xD
Yeol: Be singing! / Kai: Singing!
Chen: He really makes you go out of your mind!
DJ: He is the style that continues talking even if you don’t reply?
Kai: Yes yes!
Chen: He will keeeep on asking until you reply!
Kai: He will continue until you smile! / Chen: Until you smile!
Yeol: Instead of being talkative, he plays a lot of pranks! He plays a lot of pranks
and i talk a lot. Because i like to chat..
DJ: He likes to play pranks, then is there any pranks that you totally fell for it?
Yeol: Not exactly, as he doesn’t prank us like (ah ya pak).. He just sings on his own..
Kai: He is the perform talents style! / Yeol: That’s right!
DJ: Talents?
Kai: Talents of mimicking someone.. He mimics someone and makes us laugh.
DJ: Oh really, then he is better than most gagman!
Kai: Oh really..
DJ: As he lifts up the atmosphere!
Kai: If he became a gagman, he would have been popular!
DJ: Of course he would have been amazing!! Currently where are there faces like Baekhyun??
Heo Kyung-hwan, eyy don’t even try to paste his face there!! It would be unbelievable!


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