150508 Baskin Robbins Twitter EXO-K Special Making NG Cut

[ENG] 150508 Baskin Robbins Twitter Special Making NG Cut [mr.virtue].avi_thumbs_[2015.05.11_11.47.01]

Watch online: Dailymotion | Youtube

Download: MEGA | Baidu云网盘


3 thoughts on “150508 Baskin Robbins Twitter EXO-K Special Making NG Cut

  1. Candle Light says:

    See this video :

    I think the video was slightly damaged. his voice did not come out and there are some texts that do not fit with what they say.

    kekekeke, allow me to ask for help again?
    Can you translate this, there is no Baekhyun, but I liked DO
    I’ve been looking for a better video than this, but did not find him.

    This is a link to the original video.


    • blingdinosaur says:

      the subber should have used the first video that was released and it had some sync issues, however you should redirect this question to the original subber and ask if she is willing to re-sub with a video that is in sync. i’m not subbing it 🙂

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      • Candle Light says:

        ah, I think it’s easy to translate a video, it does not. should have the first video was released. I never really think and know about it. Okay, I’ll try to tell the owner of the video.

        ah right, where do you live? so you understand Korean language and very clever in English.

        sorry if my English is very bad. because I was so bad in these lessons when the school first. I use google translate to be able to talk to you and translate your words.


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