150515 Naver TV Entertainment News Article I AM KOREA

Original Article
ps. I only translated EXO related paragraphs.


They are EXO Chen Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

The top power idols.
These 3 have come together.


This is Sam-sung-dong ‘Roy Entertainment’ recording studio. It is Lee Seung Chul’s
company. Also, on the 13th, many singers have visited this place.

The reason of gathering all the popular idols is stated next. It is for this year’s 70th
National Liberation Day of Korea. KBS is preparing the documentary ‘I AM KOREA’.

To commemorate such an anniversary, a national sing-along song will be released.
It is ‘The Day we Met’ which Lee Sung Chul wrote the lyrics and Jeon Hae-sung


On this day, Lee Seung Chul is very busy conducting the super singers. He is very
detailed, right? He meticulously directed each of their individual parts. The juniors
listened to him carefully.

EXO Chen and Chanyeol listened to their seniors’ advice very seriously. Baekhyun
transformed into Lee Seung Chul sunflower [always looking at Lee Seung Chul xD]. All eyes focused on the emphasised points. If they continue on, honey(?) might drip from their eyes.


“Staring intently at the music sheet”


“We are the male vocal line”


This student, have you finished studying? Baekhyun who was staring intently at the music sheet just a while ago. He begins to warm up his explosive vocals. Please reserve some of your vocal energy. Woa woa~This is just a practice.


Now, the recording has begun. How popular idols look inside the recording studio. You are curious, right? They start off casually but they end seriously. As soon as the song plays, they are professionals who gets into the mood quickly.


“Shall we begin casually?”


“Even though they are smiling now…”


“They are serious during the recording”


“Starting the sentimental engine”


“The day we met ♪~”

Baekhyun received the OK sign in just one go. Even though he showed the desire to sing it one more time, the result is? ‘Baekhyun Recording Success.’ Shall we listen to Baekhyun’s conversation?

“It is very cool inside but why am i sweating. Ha ha. Maybe it’s because a great senior is in front of me, i think that i was very nervous.” (Baekhyun)



“EXO is excited too XO”


PS. 15 May 10:30PM KST tonight !! It is the Music Video filming of ‘The Day we Met’. The lively live venue will be live broadcasted on Naver TVcast.


“EXO is filming it too”


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