150623 After School Club Baekhyun Kai

[ENG] 150623 After School Club Baekhyun Kai [mr.virtue].avi_thumbs_[2015.06.27_18.55.44]

Watch online: Dailymotion Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Youtube (Full) (blocked due to copyrights of LMR MV)
Youtube (last minute cut off)
* Youtube blocked the video because of the Love Me Right MV at the last minute so i had to reupload, but please download or watch Part 3 because Baekhyun Kai still appears in that last minute!!! *

Download: MEGA | Baidu云网盘


3 thoughts on “150623 After School Club Baekhyun Kai

  1. Томодачи థ౪థ says:

    Hi venessa~ can i ask u something ?
    can you give me your asc’s subtitle file please? i mean .srt file 🙂
    i cant adjust timing with their talk, its so hard
    i want to do sub their video into my own language (its mongolian :P) btw im on this episode with kaibaek… 😀


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