[DVD] EXO The Lost Planet in Seoul




[DVD] EXO The Lost Planet in Seoul DISC 3 - MAKING [mr.virtue].avi_thumbs_[2015.07.09_16.04.41]

Watch online: Dailymotion

Download: MEGA(removed) | GDrive | Baidu云网盘


36 thoughts on “[DVD] EXO The Lost Planet in Seoul

    • mr.virtue says:

      If you can’t figure out how to download from Baidu, try downloading from Dailymotion first. I can’t reupload to MEGA because it will be removed again =.= and my whole account might be terminated, pls understand.


  1. MaraKpop Greece says:

    can i ask you something? in the official DVD, are the english subs included? because i am thinking of buying the DVD exoplanet #1 the lost planet but if there are no subs it will be a waste of money because i dont know korean..


  2. Rose M. Saleh says:

    Hi, I’m sorry but the download links you put are for Disc 3 only or is it for the three discs together? And if it’s for Disc 3 can you give me link to 1 and 2, please? Thanks


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