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Q. How old are you? Where do you come from?
I’m born in ’93 and a proud Singaporean! I know English, Chinese (my mother tongues) and self-learnt Korean and basic Japanese.

Q. Can you please tell me your personal Twitter/ Instagram/ Facebook?
Sorry but i’m too shy to share my private life with people online that i don’t meet face-to-face with.

Q. How did you learn Korean?
I watched many Korean dramas and variety shows in the past with english or chinese subtitles. A common problem i faced was how much effort it took to find subbed videos of recent releases so i gave up on finding, and challenged myself to watch without subs. At the same time, I was fascinated with Korean and began to scour the Internet for resources to learn the language. I memorised the alphabet and my vocabulary naturally improved from watching shows without subs. It has been years and i’d like to think i’m still learning it. For those interested, a popular site you should definitely check out is TTMIK 🙂

Q. Why is your subbing name called mr.virtue?
My first EXO subbed video was on April 22 2014 and
on March 13 2015, I created a new subbing alias named mr.virtue just for EXO subbed videos.
(I previously had another alias blingdinosaur for SHINee subs.)
mr.virtue is a not-quite-literal translation from Baekhyun’s Chinese name 伯贤 🙂
– 伯 (bó) = mister = mr.
– 贤 (xián) = 1. talented 2. wise 3. morally upright  = virtue

Q. What do you use to sub videos?
Aegisubs for timing, Virtualdub for encoding.

Q. How should i credit your subs/ trans correctly?
– On Twitter, i prefer it if you just RT my tweet. Quote RTs with the ” ” apostrophes is very irritating to me because my notifications alert will keep ringing.
– Other ways would be to indicate my name mr.virtue + a link to my wordpress blog.
Please take note that mr.virtue is all in small letters, no CAPS and no spacing between letters.

Q. What is the difference between 720p and 1080p?
(1) Different screen size – 1080p = 1920 x 1080 vs 720p = 1280 x 720 This means you can watch it on a bigger screen without compromising the quality!
(2) Different quality – 1080p tend to be in better, clearer quality!
(3) Different file size – Because they are in better quality, 1080p video files are usually larger in size.

Q. Can you please upload to Youtube?
My default uploading sites are Youtube, Dailymotion and Zippcast; back-up sites are Vimeo, Veoh, Youku. If i don’t upload to either of my default sites, it is because i cannot upload. Restrictions on Japanese programs are notoriously strict, on Youtube as well as Dailymotion. Korean broadcasting stations have infiltrated Youtube + Dailymotion (MBC) and set up their own Youtube channels. They will mercilessly block and remove all of their videos. If a video is blocked, i will receive a strike on my account and after 3 strikes, my account will be terminated + all videos in that account removed. So please understand if i don’t upload to those sites.

Q. Why can’t i find a video on your Youtube channel?
This is because those Youtube videos are unlisted. You can’t see them on my public Youtube channel. Those links will be posted on this blog, and you can also find them in my Twitter Likes.

Q. Which is your favourite Baekhyun fansite?
I like them all ha ha. Check my Twitter Following for Baekhyun fansites that are on Twitter; for Baekhyun sites based in Weibo, you can follow Baidu Baekhyun bar or SeashellBaek.

Q. Please update us on which video you are working on now!
I will usually sub all EXO9 videos. If i’m not subbing it, i will announce on Twitter.
I don’t sub their individual activities, except Baekhyun’s.

Q. I see that each member has a different font colour, are they fixed? What are they?

<new 2017 colours>
<old colours>

29 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. lumisal says:

    Hi there! I wanted to ask if you would ever sub Chen’s episodes from King of Mask Singer. I’ve searched everywhere and they’re either not subbed or blocked/deleted. If you choose not to sub it, do you know anyone else who has? Or a link to an already subbed episodes 21 & 22?


  2. Mahrukh Zafar says:

    Hello! Thank you SO much for subbing all the videos. I just recently discovered k-pop and became an Exo-L. I’m really thankful for your efforts. I have a request. Could you please, please sub Super Celeb League with Baekhyun (with Suho and Xiumin as well)? I know it’s a lot to ask, but I don’t think anyone else is ever going to sub them. But I understand if you can’t.


    • mr.virtue says:

      EXO’s showtime Jp Special broadcasted additional, unreleased scenes which i have cut out and subbed 🙂 Unfortunately, i don’t have time on hand to sub 161211 EXO on Abema TV, sorry.


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